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Purpose: The Sabu International School Sponsorship Program is designed to provide ongoing support to students and families who cannot afford tuition or school necessities. It also gives sponsors a personal tie to Sabu as they follow their student from grade to grade.

How it works: Students/families at Sabu are a granted sponsorship bases on their need and continued commitment in the school. Students are required to maintain a certain attendance, performance level, and involvement at school (including periodic Sponsorship workdays and Community workdays). Parents must attend PTSA meetings and show involvement in their child’s education. In addition, families are ask to send a photo and history (optional) to their sponsor. Sponsorship recipients are evaluated and renewed annually.
Sponsors make a $150 per student donation to Sabu International School Foundation annually. This donation is tax deductible and covers a majority of the cost Sabu International School incurs to send one students to school per year. The sponsorship donation also buys the student a uniform and provide basic school supplies. Sabu will deliver letters/small packages between Guinea and American at least once a year(whenever someone is going to or coming from Guinea).

Students receive:

  • Education-which they could not afford.
  • A school uniform
  • A Relationship with Americans. Photo, letters, etc.
  • Hope
Sponsors receive:
  • Photo of student
  • History of student/family(optional)
  • Letter/drawing from student(depending on age)
  • Anything else sent by student
  • Personal relationship with Sabu
  • Satisfaction that you are making a major difference in a number if people’s lives.
  • Recognition at Annual benefit, and other situations.
  • Periodic updates about Sabu and the Sabu Sponsorship Program
  • Tax deduction.

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