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Sister School

Our Sister School program is designed to give children a better understanding of the world in which they live. Through this program students will develop skills in interpersonal and cross-cultural interaction, which will help them as they continue beyond high school, where they will be required to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds.

These are the things we do:

  • Set up a pen pal for students in both schools and  have bi-monthly letter writing projects. Students from both schools will share cultural traditions and experiences of everyday life through letter writing, pictures and stories about their daily lives.

  • Teacher Partnership: Our teachers do not have computers nor school supplies, they use the "chalk and chalkboard"  style of teaching. We want to create a teachers' partnership with  Schools around the world. Your teachers can be mentors for our teachers. This can be done by email, and sending your teachers to  train our teachers or invite one of our teachers to come to your school to gain some teaching methods to take back and teach the other teachers. We also need your teachers and your community to help us build our school curriculum.

  • Supply Drive: Atleast once during the year, our Schools will collect materials that will be sent to the Sabu International School. These materials will include school supplies, medical supplies, equipment (recycled computers, etc). Our sister Schools  will work with Sabu teachers to determine the greatest needs of the Sabu students and teachers.

  • Fundraising: Once a year, Sabu International School will send  to our schools dyed fabric, woven bags, bracelets, djembes and other traditional hand craft items to aid fundraising efforts to support Sabu.

  • Students and Teachers exchanges: Your school and Sabu International School will host teacher exchanges each year and the host school will provide room and board for the visiting teachers. Visiting teachers and students would be integrated into the host school community for the length of their stay.

Sabu International School
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West Africa
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